Independent Studio Project

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder 

Every Interaction has Meaning

What began as a studio project in the wake of losing many close friends & family members, the Absentee Project has now grown into a place for friends to build new bonds through music.  Jay Kay brings his unorthodox, untamed, and over-the-top playing style as the Absentee Project’s mainstay producer & songwriter.

This indie-alt-rock project has mutated with every change to the lineup & guests bring elements of their own work into the fold.  You can find traces of punk, pop, indie, rock, metal, mood, hip-hop, singer song writer and EDM throughout the catalog being cultivated to span a lifetime

The Absentee Project’s newest chapter, Hope & Fear, reunites former Godlow rhythm section to revisit an eerie yet uplifting reflection of the current changing climate of American life....

the Absentee Project presents: Hope & Fear.


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