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the Absentee Project is a menagerie of music...get the stories of our brotherhood here...

Hope & Fear


2018 - Present

The Absentee Project’s newest chapter, Hope & Fear, reunites former Godlow rhythm section to revisit an eerie yet uplifting reflection of the current changing climate of American life.

Born in the brutal Buffalo winter this duo made the jump from DIY to upscale studio recording and will be taking the show on the road to stimulate the collective consciousness through a multi-sensory live show...coming soon to a city near you.

Jay Kay: Vocals, Music, Programming

Geoff Freeland: Drums

...more to come


the Absentee Project Presents: Hope & Fear (2018)

Band Image 1.jpg


2005 - 2018

What began as a studio project in the wake of losing many close friends & family members, the Absentee Project has now grown into a place for friends to build new bonds through music.  Jay Kay brings his unorthodox, untamed, and over-the-top playing style as the Absentee Project’s mainstay producer & songwriter.

This indie-alt-rock project has mutated with every change to the lineup & guests bring elements of their own work into the fold.  You can find traces of punk, pop, indie, rock, metal, mood, hip-hop, singer song writer and EDM throughout the catalog being cultivated to span a lifetime


Jay Kay: Vocals, Music, Programming, Drums

Joe Rivera: Drums, Backing Vocals (2005, 2009 - 2011)

Shawn Schrenk: Bass (2009)

Joe Benedict: Guitar, Bass (2011-2013)

Mike Paquette: Drums (2011-2013)

Scott Schifferli: Drums (recording only 2002)


...Shall Remain Nameless (2008)

Up the River...Ahhh!!! (2012)

While you Were Away (2013)

the Absentee Project Presents: Hope & Fear (2018)



2001 - 2002

Godlow's singular release, Mend the Drifter , is a journey through the struggles of faith, addiction, abuse, self harm, and the darkest side of our psyche.  Like the soundtrack and story of a horror film Mend the Drifter  is the intersection where David Bowe, Marilyn Manson, and Lane Staley meet.

The hopes of continuing the Godlow legacy were dashed upon the suicide of our brother, Jimmer, in the Summer of 2007.

If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide or self-harm please click our "Just Causes" tab at the top of the page to connect with someone.


Geoff Freeland - Drums

Rob Hall - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Programming

J. Kulaszewski - Bass

James Wiepert II - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals


Mend the Drifter (2002)



1999 - 2001

Although their time together was short, LAW was a powerful Alternative/Nu Metal Band from Buffalo, NY.

From booking studio time without a band to their ultimate demise in 2001, this unapologetic foursome played over 100 shows, got airtime on Toronto's 97.7 WHTZ FM as well as Buffalo's 103.3 WEDG FM and was nominated Best New Band In Buffalo 1999/2000 Buffalo Music Awards.  LAW also landed opening slots for Overkill, SOiL, and the LUXX, while becoming the house band for several local rock venues while the guys were still in their teens!

Joe Benedict - Guitar

Jason Kulsazewski - Bass

Jarrod Tucker - Vocals

Scott Schifferli - Percussion


Drag You Down (1999)

Above the Below (2000)

Evolution (Previously Unreleased)

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